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Eco-luxury African safari adventures.

Established in 1995, Guided Safaris is composed of a diverse team of experienced safari designers collaborating to create unique luxury safari experiences that cultivate environmental consciousness. Specializing in eco-luxury adventure travel with a focus on sociability and sustainability, the firm has garnered international acclaim as stewards for Africa’s most exclusive travel experiences in extraordinary wilderness hotspots.

Guided Safaris is continually concerned about the future of our planet and the safeguarding of nature. Every journey through the African wilderness is a reminder for us to live in harmony with nature, protecting the immense diversity of life that surrounds us. Every unique region featured in our safari portfolio is based upon important conservation projects supporting wildlife reserves, that are often locally owned by the indigenous communities that they sustain.

We hope that this front row seat offered on our safaris will stimulate questions and a sense of wonder, and are eager for every guest to return home with the immense satisfaction of not only having just witnessed the grand scale of the African experience and found themselves a part of it at least once in their lifetime, but also knowing that they have contributed to its preservation through their visit.

Guided Safaris is located in the Financial District of San Francisco, California. Guest referrals being our primary marketing source, our clients originate from all corners of Europe and the Americas. We very much look forward to hosting your visit.

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